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Sep 29, 2010 6:00pm EDT
weather especially on the del marva and that is possible that we could see some thunderstorms with it. some of those could be severe and i mean gusty winds and, yes, some could find enough sheer in the atmosphere and spinning and could occur mostly in the day tomorrow and from i- 95 east and that flash flood watch is up and that this is where the severe weather risk will be and you can see generally 95 and to the beaches. that is where we will watch for those potentially stronger thunderstorms and with gusty wins being a real problem. at 6:00, the model is overdone here and this is ahead of schedule. this is when that gets going and that is west of 95 and if your commute is on that side, you will have potentially more rain and we know the bans often switch and with the model runs. hey, by the noon hour, it's still going strong around here and look at this, by 6:00, all the action is beginning to shift over to the east side and to the del marva and this is where you get your heavy rain and by 11:00 tomorrow night, it's still raining and raining hard here. the big flooding concerns and
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
marva thursday evening. lingers in the del marva by daybreak, should be pushing out of the delaware beaches up towards new england. we have ourselves a flood watch for most of maryland through thursday evening, may get extended depending on the extent of the rainfall. we have to focus on the push from the south of our high tides. just before the noon hour on thursday and after midnight on friday morning, 12:44. these are the general times we'll see the high water and maybe coastal flooding with the surge from the south. this isn't an isabel thing, but this is a possibility with a strong southerly push and rain for tidal flooding. temperatures today, low 70s. clouds thicken up as they return with rain. rain begins to move across the entire area by daybreak, could be heavy. down to 65. extended outlook calls for flooding tomorrow. anywhere from two to four inches or more. 75 degrees. it ends by friday morning and highs stuck in the 60s, but lows in the 40s of over the weekend. here's kim with a look at traffic. >> you'll find minor accumulation of some congestion around the toll plaza
Sep 29, 2010 6:30am EDT
left just to the south. that'll try to move in our direction throughout the day. the del marva will get wet, salisbury, cambridge, easton. we'll look for rain to build into baltimore by mid-afternoon. really what's happening across the deep south. large upper level system across the west. pool of cool air will help to speed the developing tropical system. it could get named nicole before the day is done. it'll spill up through florida and will head in our direction with a lot of heavy rain though the carolinas. forecast model indicating heavy rain by daybreak tomorrow. watch the red shading build between d.c., baltimore and back into the mountains and across the chesapeake bay. potential flooding will continue through the del marva through tomorrow evening and try to push east of baltimore tomorrow night. we do have potential flooding situation here, not only from the heavy rainfall through thursday evening, but also with that surge pushing up the bay. watch high tides at fort mchenry, 11:57 a.m. just after midnight on friday morning, 12:44. the rain today may try to move in as we head
Sep 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
and on the del marva, we continue to have another fetch 6 moisture coming in and you will be able to see this is where we have come and this is beginning to fill in to the south. and that is going to produce an additional one to three inches of rain and that is going to put us up and over the one foot mark and this is the last gasp of our tropical connection and the front is coming through and swinging out of here and like a sponge with too much water, that is what is happening across the region and when this comes up, flooding is happening fast and be careful if you're out there and reagan national, 2 1/2 inches of rain and did not set a record there and dulles, three inches for the day and the huge totals in places like anne arundel county and the annapolis area and the september mary's county and patuxent area and we had over eight inches of rain and patuxent river, 9 inches and an additional one to three and that is if you don't get a thunderstorm and that could happen. i think this did a fantastic job of showing where the heaviest band will set up i
Sep 2, 2010 6:30am EDT
high clouds across the del marva, the outer reaches of this system. looking at the rain bands here. deceiving, it looks like the whole thing is shifting towards shore. as we pull it back wider, you can see the eye getting dry air wrapped into the west side. the storm is probably already reached its peak. we're wrapping the rain bands on the western fringe. the weaker side of the storm. will affect the carolinas by midday, tomorrow afternoon. 145 mile-per-hour winds, 5:00 a.m. advisory from the hurricane center. passing offshore from ocean city. want to give you a better impact of how this thing will be impacting us. it appears as if this wind field, tropical storm force winds, that's the yellow shading here. maybe easton, denton, cambridge, salisbury, hurricane force winds here. strongest side on the east side. nothing impacting us in baltimore, except for the waves being pushed off the chesapeake through this system. out towards nova scotia towards the weekend. clipping the carolinas this evening. clipping ocean city tomorrow morning. essentially what we'll be looking at are condi
Sep 29, 2010 5:30am EDT
maryland from the chesapeake into the mountains. slug of heavy rain hugs the chesapeake and del marva tomorrow evening. we'll try to push the rain out of here from west to east overnight. we head through friday itself. we have to focus on a flood watch, at least now through thursday evening, could be extended, depending on how much rain we get. also have to focus on the chesapeake bay with the surge from the south. high tide, fort mchenry, 11:57. thursday morning, just before midday. friday morning, this is actually just after midnight at 12:44. we'll be watching the potential for some flooding. 71 today, increasing clouds, showers south to north. then we're looking at rain tonight. could be heavy towards daybreak. flooding rains tomorrow. mid-70s, drop drier in the mid-60s over the weekend. here's kim with traffic. >> i have the best traffic report ever. there is no traffic this morning. we don't have any problems. no delays either. you'll see minor congestion as you approach the fort mchenry toll plaza. aside from that, we're looking good. no delays on the harbor tunnel thruway. loo
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm EDT
will impact our beaches. along the del marva tonight, beachgoers and residents are stocking up to ride out the hurricane. will thomas continues live from the boardwalk in ocean city. will? >> reporter: hi, shawn. the skies are getting darker, the beaches are starting to empty. you feel a change and i'm going to talk about the significance of the storm while this is one of the big gates that will be closed. let me first talk about water access. a short time ago, city officials decided to restrict water access and yesterday it was to the knee or below and this is why. we can give you a closer look of the video in the field. the waves are breaking on shore and as that pushes back to sea, it looks for a weak spot in the sand and that is where's rip current can occur and that can pull a swimmer to sea. very, very dangerous and talk about the storm wall. the storm doors, i showed you one of them will be closed and locked tomorrow. there are 50 of the gates. the storm wall goes down about 30 feet, 18 feet above sea level and that is designed to protect the boardwalk and real estate even if there
Sep 28, 2010 6:00pm EDT
and the storm is pulling away to the north and the heavy rain continuing funneling along the del marva earlier and the next batch is going to get its act together here. i want to mention wilmington north carolina, had 10 inches of rain yesterday and the second greatest rain total ever and that was not tropical. we have what we think is going to be more of a tropical depression getting going down here and while you don't see much in terms of the radar, that is because we don't have the systems down there and the caribbean is loaded with moisture and this is our tropical depression that could be tropical storm nicole in the next 48 hours and doesn't look like it's going to be powerful, but bringing heavy rain to florida and where that will brush by. they going to get some gusts andha is heavy rain and flooding that is the concern and by 6:00 tomorrow night, we're watching that once again and around the wilmington area, worried about eastern carolinas where they could pick up six to 10 inches of rain and tonight, a few clouds and some 50s in the suburbs,
Sep 18, 2010 6:00am EDT
. it will cause big waves and dangerous rip currents along the del marva beaches as well. we'll make it into the upper 70's, maybe near 08 this afternoon. sunrise near 60. clear tonight, cool, temperatures dropping back into the 50's again. winds light and variable. sunset at 10 minutes. high temperatures will be in the upper 70's and low l 0's. the front will come through sunday night, but it will be dry during the day on sunday. nice start to the workweek monday and tuesday, and at the end of the week, summer tries to compum back with temperatures in the 80's. scattered thunderstorms wednesday, thursday, and friday. send it to the news desk. >> administrators at one baltimore county high school say they want to head off campus bullying before it begins. >> principles and staff members are trying to drive home the message that it will not be tolerated. tim tooten has that story. >> they will be the first to tell you that bullying has become a problem. >> it is in the schools and communities and everywhere. >> the skull has organized anti-bullying on campus for parents of middle and
Sep 30, 2010 5:00am EDT
to highlight, we have a tornado watch for all of central maryland through the del marva, much of the mid-atlantic coast, down through the carolinas, we're watching the remains of what was once a tropical storm off the coast. here's the deal, until about 1:00, the possibility that wind itself may get to 45 miles per hour, some small tornados could spin up here at any point in time. this is just a watch, means it's possible when it actually is spotted, there'll be a warning posted for your area. >>> here's the deal, rainfall over an inch in havre de grace and parkville just since midnight. go to the eastern shore, we have ourselves heavy rain, but also back to the west, mount airy top of the list. 1.88. i have high expectations we could be pushing over five inches in many spots today. 68 degrees in baltimore right now. 77 in norfolk compared to 75 allatoona. there's no place for moisture to go, but down. so it's being rung out of the clouds on top of us. we're going to extend down toward the southeast. just want to show you all the heavy rain through the carolinas. wilmington picked up 20
Sep 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
of rainfall with some amounts higher than that. heavy rain extending through daybreak, del marva, east of baltimore by daybreak, all out of here as we get clearing late on friday. the strong surge of winds from the south, we have to watch that flood watch for the heavy rain, tidal flooding around the chesapeake bay. 11:57, just before noon today, just after midnight overnight. there's a range up and down the bay, we'll try to work that for you it's all about the heavy rain, gusty winds will increase throughout the afternoon. push warmer temperatures in at 75 degrees. there's the possibility of flooding from rain up the bay. also isolated tornados, down to 60 overnight. the rain tries to end by daybreak. let's see what's happening on the roads right now, those are busy in and of itself. >> they certainly are busy. another road closure due to flooding. westbound route 450, closed at hunt wood drive because of high water. don't drive through the high water if you happen to see it. just be aware of puddling and ponding on the roadways. hydroplaning a big possibility this morn
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm EDT
for the del marva beaches and then you get to massachusetts and there is another hurricane warning up there and i know nova scotia will probably get hit with category 1 conditions. so, we have been showing you this all week, why not show you what is going tonight. the spaghetti models or individual track of every model and i am sure gary would conquer that the models have done a fantastic job showing us the track, and we like where they clustered. we're hoping that is going to be the path. yes, there are a few that stray into crazy areas, but what you look for is consensus and we're liking what we're seeing, especially in that first 24 hours and with that scenario, we should be in good shape. not great shape but somewhat better shape than from the outer banks as we look toward that region. a quick look at the waves. this is huge. look at the 35-foot waves, though. the seas are going to be bad. the rip currents will remain bad and it's going to be dangerous to be in the the water and, of course, we know sea surface temperatures have been important, too, as earl comes north. it's leavin
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Sep 3, 2010 2:00am EDT
farther inland. we will see some of that for a short period of the day around the del marva and the jersey shore and across parts of long island. and here you go, this is the red area around midnight tomorrow night around nantucket. and the far eastern side of cape cod, maybe chat tunnel. pea town, you are fine. areas toward the bourne bridge and stuff, you will be fine. and then it moves out quickly. that's very, very good news for us. >> nantucket suffered for years from heavy erosion. so this is going to do them no good, right? >> well, it is. they get nor' easters. and i have to tell you, a nor' easter they can get, and we had a number this last winter, can cause a lot more damage. some of those can stick around for a longtime. this storm is going to be moving so quickly the affects that we feel from the -- as it moves in across areas of the cape, they will be feeling those affects for about three hours. and that's it. they are not going to be dealing with a real prolonged period of the battering and pounding. >> but the surges? did the surges last longer? >> yes, the surges move in lo
FOX News
Sep 3, 2010 4:00am EDT
of that for a short period of the day around the del marva and the jersey shore and across parts of long island. and here you go, this is the red area around midnight tomorrow night around nantucket. and the far eastern side of cape cod, maybe chat tunnel. pea town, you are fine. areas toward the bourne bridge and stuff, you will be fine. and then it moves out quickly. that's very, very good news for us. >> nantucket suffered for years from heavy erosion. so this is going to do them no good, right? >> well, it is. they get nor' easters. and i have to tell you, a nor' easter they can get, and we had a number this last winter, can cause a lot more damage. some of those can stick around for a longtime. this storm is going to be moving so quickly the affects that we feel from the -- as it moves in across areas of the cape, they will be feeling those affects for about three hours. and that's it. they are not going to be dealing with a real prolonged period of the battering and pounding. >> but the surges? did the surges last longer? >> yes, the surges move in longer, but they will not be having that
Sep 3, 2010 4:00pm EDT
they remain in effect for the entire del marva, the delaware beaches, maryland and virginia beaches right on down the line. and they will be lifted here eventually, after it's noted that the impact of earl is starting to farther to the north and northeast. we're still seeing 12-mile-per- hour winds. they're some of the heaviest in the state. 13-mile-per-hour winds around pax river. but now, the heaviest winds are kind of flanked by ocean city. and 21 did 25 in cumberland for two different reasons. down on the shore, direct impact because of earl moving away. but coming in from the west, well, that's the high pressure trying to build in. the same front that is pushing earl up to the northeast. and the high pressure behind it, creating the pressure between those two systems. and the higher winds are out to the west as a result. we will continue to keep you posted. for now, back inside. >> thank you very much, tim and bob. >>> first warning weather coverage continues now with adam may, live in ocean city, where earl is causing minor problems there. adam? >> reporter: well, very minor. and no
Sep 20, 2010 9:00am EDT
the del marva, back it up to the northwest, starting the day low 50s, 61 degrees. virtually a clear sky, pretty brisk breeze coming out of the northeast this morning. many places 5 to 15 miles per hour. a push up to about 20. few weather stations. that breeze, actually in part, response to this storm, which is passing about 600 miles to the east of ocean city, now to the north of bermuda. uh, it was battering the island of bermuda for over 12 hours. large storm, big impact here. working its way off towards the north atlantic. as that gets out of here we have high pressure in control. light winds and chilly temperatures tonight. nice recovery tomorrow. heat building back in with moisture. cloud cover beginning to move in on wednesday, thursday and friday. that could help spark an afternoon or evening thundershower. otherwise, we have ourselves summer-like heat to return just in time for autumn. for today, seasonable, high temperatures up to about 78 degrees. the stronger winds this morning should ease up a little bit towards this afternoon. tonight, virtually calm winds, clear skies. we'
Sep 29, 2010 9:00am EDT
across the eastern shore and could linger on the del marva and peninsula. clearing dry day. we start building in more of those cooler temperatures over the weekend. we have this flood watch through the evening. this isn't an isabel event, this'll be a push of water. maybe tides running about 2 to 3 feet above normal. 11:57 tomorrow morning. running through about friday towards midnight. showers arriving late. gets heavy, towards daybreak. tomorrow aiming for temperatures in the lower 70s, after the heavy rainfall, gets out of here on friday, clearing skies. by saturday and sunday, highs dropping into the middle 60s. at least we're going to have dry weather this weekend. >> good for running, right? >> yes, great for running. >> get out the number two pencils, it's time for a pop quiz. 3400 americans were asked questions about religions around the world. >> mormons, muslims, agnostics, evangelicals. dan harris has results. >> reporter: america is one of the most religious countries on earth, but today's new poll shows that many of us struggle to answer basic questions about faith. even
Sep 2, 2010 11:00am EDT
is live in ocean city, maryland. julie, this is where i went as a kid growing up and part of the del marva peninsula and we have the chesapeake bay on one side with the atlantic on the other side. how are they fairing there so far? >> absolutely, thomas. so far so good, you can see out here the surf is kicking up and some waves four to five feet and i winctnessed out here this morning. beaches are still open and life guards on duty and one of the major concerns here not only today but in the coming days, rip currents. with hurricane danielle out here last weekend there were over 500 rescues along this very beach. and certainly the beach patrol is going to be very vigilant about watching people as they get into the water, even after earl passes, there is the potential for very strong deadly rip currents out there in the atlantic. as far as evacuations are concerned here in ocean city, none scheduled so far. no voluntary, no mandatory, no nothing. emergency management officials are meeting. they are considering putting together some sort of emergency management operation within the coming ho
Sep 30, 2010 5:00pm EDT
downtown and winds almost 40 miles per hour over on the del marva. decreasing clouds. by afternoon, actually not a bad afternoon. partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. not that bad at all once we get through the afternoon. we take an umbrella in the morning and shade in the afternoon. all right, next seven days, low to mid 70s tomorrow. nice on saturday for the terps game. between noon and 3:00 and a bit unsettled. showers sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> chilly. >> thank you. >> the city of brotherly love is going to have love for mcnabb this weekend? >> i think they will. there will be people who boo him because they are the same people who threw stuff at santa clause and people always act like that. it is more than a football game. it is more than one man returning to the city that rejected him. it's a referendum, really, on two cityings that hated each other. and so, as we have done in the past and as donovan returns this week, we bring you the tail of two cities between dc and philly. two town center. one town leaves. >> first category, the treatment of an outgoing quarterba
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
for the east coast along the del marva. you also had cold and dry. >> well that was the artist who drew that map. i think it was a flick of the wrist. you know, it only takes a little bit. and all this technology and things, but there you go. >> let's go on to this year's outlook, okay? and we are going to focus in on us again. now you have us snowing. >> right. >> tell us about that. >> okay, we are expecting colder than normal temperatures beginning in december and then right on through the winter. we are talking several degrees colder than normal and above normal snowfall, but not above last year's. >> we would have to be 500 years old. that's once in a 500 winter last year. >> we are expecting a snowstorm in january, another one in february. right on flurries through march. if you see flakes in april, remember april snows stays no longer than water on a trout's back. >> real quickly, there's some cool stuff in the almanac. it has moon phases and star gazing stuff. >> tonight is a full moon and the crescent moon will appear at dawn. send a picture and you set the record. you'r
Sep 3, 2010 7:00am EDT
conditions for the jersey shore. del marva, as well. the storm is far away from you. eastern long island, a little concern about that. cape cod, though, very concerned about this storm, earl. this is it. hurricane earl's winds and waves on the shores of north carolina. category 2 hurricane is now in the fast lane, racing up the east coast at 18 miles per hour. top wind gusts of 74 miles per hour. that's hurricane speed, as was reported in nags head, north carolina. and a 78-mile-per-hour wind gust in cape hatteras. winds so strong, that all that's left of this american flag are the shreds. by 10:00 p.m., atlantic beach, north carolina, was already getting pounded. >> as you can see, we're getting pretty good rain now. >> reporter: it's about 4:30 in the morning. hurricane earl is about 130 miles off our coastline here. high, sustained winds, about 105 miles per hour. here, peak wind gusts 33. well away from the center of the storm in south carolina, earl's winds dashed this boat against the pier, splitting it in half. the majority of the east coast, from north carolina, to canada, is eit
Sep 16, 2010 7:00am EDT
holding our temperatures in check. while we're at 60 in manchester, now we have 70s popping up on the del marva. almost like a warm front will swing through. we'll shift the winds and get our temperatures up in the 80s today. cold front sparking showers and thunderstorms into the mountains. they may try to sneak in here late in the day. we aim for our two-degree guaranteed high of 84. after dark, overnight, better chance of those showers will slip back into the upper 60s. we head in through tomorrow, should see a little improvement, slightly cooler, stray leftover shower, high of 79. >> well the delays are starting to ease some on the top side of the outer loop this morning. still expect about a 12-minute delay between bel air road at you approach the charles street exit. as we look at our cameras, still slow going, but like i said, traffic's looking better as you travel the outer loop. we do have a handful of crashes to let you know about. vehicle fire, 50 eastbound at route 2. you'll see emergency crews on the scene there. also working an accident in severn. injury crash at severn road
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)